1. Welcome and Description

Greetings BCC Students!

The Student Government Association at BCC is soliciting your support and participation on college committees. There are a variety of committees that meet on a regular basis to address a variety of student, academic and college policies. Each committee has designated seats for members of the student body. This is a valuable opportunity for you to serve the college and work collectively to ensure that the student voice is represented in all facets of the institution.

If this is an opportunity that is of interest to you, please familiarize yourself with the functions of each committee by using the following link:


Once you have selected a committee that you would like to serve on, please respond fully to this survey to be considered for membership on one of the named committees. Your responses will be reviewed by the Student Government Association and you will be contacted by a Student Senator before classes begin to confirm your eligibilty to serve on a committee.

If additional information is needed, please contact Ms. Natasha Afranie, SGA Legal Legislator: natasha.afranie@stu.bcc.cuny.edu or the Office of Student Life at 718.289.5194 in Meister Hall, 202.

Thank you.