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  5 - Excellent 4 - Above Average 3 - Average 2 - Below Average 1 - Poor Did Not Attend
Turnstiles: The Music of Billy Joel
Jay Leno
The Nutcracker
The Midtown Men
The Equinox Little Big Band
Blue Suede Shoes
Simon and Son
Eddie Metz Trio
Jason Coleman: The Piano Magic of Floyd Cramer
Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra
The Willis Clan
Bravo Amici
Live From Nashville
Allan Vache Quintet
A Band Called Honalee
Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story
Lady With All The Answers
Salty Dogs
The McCartney Years
Ballroom: South Beach Style
Heroines of Heartache featuring Mandy Barnett
Phil Dirt and the Dozers
Saturday Night Fever
Blue Highway
Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan
An Afternoon with Groucho
We've Only Just Begun
New Odyssey
Broadway's Next H!t Musical
Rebecca Kilgore and Harry Allen
Bobby Vinton

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