1. Sumas First Nation Skills Inventory Survey

Sumas First Nation’s mandate is to provide a cooperative and inclusive relationship with the community to ensure that the employment, training, business, and educational needs of Sumas First Nation members are being identified.

 Throughout this process we will be guided by the five principles:
1.       Consultation process and local control of decision making
2.       Delivery mechanism
3.       Funding mechanism and institutional development capacity
4.       Employment equity
5.       Eligibility for programs and services

Your participation in this survey will assist Sumas First Nation to better understand individual skill sets, employment goals, business needs, and aid in the development of future training programs. SFN is committed to continue to build resources and employment opportunities for our Sumas First Nation members. Participation is voluntary, but your valuable input is needed to serve all our community members. We are working hard to build programs and skill development for our growing population and the more information we have, the better we can serve the members and the community.

This survey will cover an array of questions regarding your educational history, employment, training, and skills sets. We encourage you to answer the questions to the best of your ability. This survey will be anonymous and the data collected will be utilized internally to complete the objectives as listed above.

 If you require any assistance in completing this survey, please contact Malonie Langthorne, Economic Development Officer (778)-347-3707 or via email at malonie.langthorne@sumasfirstnation.com