1. Survey Purpose

Welcome to the SFMade Annual Survey of San Francisco Manufacturers 2012.

The data collected in this survey will be used to report on the state of the local manufacturing sector, including its overall size, employment characteristics, and on key needs. This critical information, in turn, will be used to inform local programs, including tax incentives and land use policy; employment and hiring programs; and key unmet needs such as access to capital. Our findings will be summarized in our Second Annual State of Local Manufacturing Report, which will be released in November.

All companies completing the survey will also be granted access to more detailed survey data of interest, such as average wage rates across the sector and benefits packages. While we will collect specific information for each company, NO SPECIFIC COMPANY INFORMATION WILL BE SHARED IN ANY FORM, protecting the confidence of all survey respondents. Data will only be reported in aggregate.

This annual survey of local manufacturers - the only one of its kind in San Francisco - represents a key means for our sector to have a voice and representation on local issues. For example, the proposal to do away with the payroll tax that is now up for vote on November 8th was directly informed by workforce data you provided in last year's survey. As a result, we are about to witness a momentous reform in our tax system that will yield lower taxes for manufacturers as a sector and will do away with a tax on job-creation.

Please join us again in this annual effort and let's make our voices even more powerful!


Kate Sofis, Executive Director, SFMade
Janet Lees, Senior Director, SFMade
Mark Dwight, Chairman, SFMade Board of Directors
Robin McRoskey Azevedo, Vice Chairman, SFMade Board of Directors