Thank you for your interest in employee volunteer support from Salesforce. Our employees have a wide range of skills that your organization can leverage. These include marketing, finance, accounting, web design, legal, human resources, sales, strategy, information technology, and more. Please take 5 minutes to read through the guidelines and expectations below. You can also preview the questions here to better prepare. Once submitted, this form will share your request with the Salesforce team.

Volunteer Request Form Guidelines
  1. The requesting organization must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit, public charity or regional equivalent organization, nonprofit/public education organization, or public park. 
  2. Salesforce cannot guarantee that your request will be matched. If volunteers are able to support your request, they will reach out to your organization directly.
  3. Complete one submission for each opportunity, each with as much detail as possible. Example of great description includes: project goals, project description, project milestones, and estimated project duration. You can view a sample project scope here
  4. Incomplete submissions will not be shared or posted.
  5. This request form is not for the solicitation of donations or grant requests
Organization Expectations
  1. The quality of your application is crucial to volunteer recruitment and project success. Please take the time to provide as much detail as possible. 
  2. When matched, you and the volunteer(s) should schedule an intro call to review and discuss the project scope.
  3. Your team will determine who will work with the volunteer(s) on the project, including who will be involved with the implementation as well as identifying and engaging any solution stakeholders or approvers. 
Questions? Email for additional support.

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* I have read and understand the guidelines stated above