Your input matters! Through election debates and dialogue we can ensure that our current Mayor and the five official candidates joining him on the ballot are on record with their point of view regarding the issues that San Francisco neighbors and voters care about most. This survey provides San Francisco residents with the opportunity to share ideas, questions, and insights about the current challenges, legislation, ballot initiatives, and specific development projects that should be debated by the candidates who have stepped up to democratically lead our city, county, and region for the next four years.

The 2015 Mayoral election is an important opportunity to shape the future of San Francisco and address the challenges and opportunities facing our city and the greater Bay Area. But according to a recent Business Insider article, Ed Lee is facing a “cakewalk” re-election campaign in the midst of a “city at war with itself”.

If the media and political insiders expect the 2015 Mayor's race to be a cakewalk, let's give them one . . . with a San Francisco twist. Join us for a cakewalk event at Civic Center Plaza on Monday August 17th from 5:30-7:00 PM, with special invitations extended to Ed Lee and fellow candidates Reed Martin, Francisco Herrera, and Stuart Schuffman. We will use the information gathered in this survey to decorate and present over a dozen cakes with the issues that candidates, voters, and neighbors want to highlight in the form of candidate debates. 

No matter who you vote for in November (and remember, with ranked-choice voting you have up to three votes for mayor), join candidate Amy Farah Weiss in identifying issues, co-creating solutions, and saying "Yes-In-My-Back-Yard" to inclusive and sustainable development, a true sharing economy, and a local government that supports the well-being of ALL San Francisco neighbors and neighborhoods.

Paid for by (YIMBY) WEISS FOR MAYOR 2015. Donations are welcome to help us fund our "good works" campaign efforts in support of participatory democracy!

Note: In order to validate responses, we will only accept 1 survey per IP address.