About this survey:

 Recently, the federal government announced a program known as Connect to Innovate to encourage internet service providers to install/upgrade systems to enable ‘rural’ residents' access to high speed internet. The Township of Severn Mayor and Council fully support this program and need your help. If you are dissatisfied with the cost, speed or availability of internet in your area, simply fill out the below survey and you will provide the Township with valuable information about the needs of our residents. This information can then be passed on to support possible future proposals. Thank you in advance for your help!

* 1. Do you currently have internet in your home or business in the Township of Severn?

* 2. If you have high speed internet in your home or business, at what speed?

* 3. What is the cost of your current internet plan (per month)?

* 4. Would you be interested if high speed internet (25 mbps) were made available in your area for approx. $100. per month ?

* 5. Please provide your civic address (so we can encourage internet providers to expand coverage to your area).