Please complete this survey if you are interested in having our SETconcierge help you find useful Pro D or training events, sessions, or web-based resources. The information you include will help our SETconcierge create a package of suggestions that are specific to you.

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* 1. Your BC school district name and number

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* 4. Your role in your district and/or the grade level(s) you teach

* 5. Please describe the type of content you want to explore or the skills you want to develop. Examples - I want to learn how to use Kurzweil 3000 with my students - I want to learn more about UDL - I want to learn what kinds of iOS apps can support my struggling writers - I want to see how others are using Clicker 6 in primary classes.

* 6. In terms of the content/skills I am looking for, I would rate my current level of knowledge or ability as...

* 7. Like everyone, I'm busy but I would estimate that I'd like to spend this much time on this content/skill development...

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