* 1. The term “early onset dementia,” also known as “younger onset dementia,” refers to people whose symptoms of dementia began before the age of 65.

* 2. The majority of perpetrators of financial abuse of elders are friends or family members who have a relationship of trust with the person.

* 3. People with dementia who live alone are much less likely to have been diagnosed with dementia than those who live with other people.

* 4. A common barrier to service delivery for people with dementia is denial of their impairment and/or the inability to understand that they are impaired.

* 5. For people with dementia, decision making capacity is “all-or-nothing”. If a person lacks capacity in one area, they lack capacity in all areas.

* 6. Signs of self-neglect include:

* 7. Among older adults with dementia who still live at home, approximately what percentage live alone?

* 8. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include:

* 9. Safety issues for people with dementia who live alone include:

* 10. The Medic Alert + Safe Return program:

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