Nomination for AU Sport Service Award

The Service Award recognises people who have given an outstanding and highly commendable contribution to Adelaide University Sport, or to Sport at the University of Adelaide, of at least 10 years’ duration for AU Sport-based service and 15 years for club-based service. The awards may be given posthumously.

The recognition is for sport service at University of Adelaide level only and, accordingly, should be seen as separate and distinctive from affiliated club award-systems. It is regarded as a higher award than a Club Letter in the case of club-based service.

Honorary Life Membership of Adelaide University Sport, however, shall continue to be conferred upon any person who, in the opinion of the Council following consideration of a recommendation from the AU Sport Board, has rendered long and single service to AU Sport. It is regarded as a higher award than a Service Award.

The following categories should assist an affiliated club and/or the AU Sport Board when considering a nominee for a Service Award:


Exceptional service record as either a player, coach, match official or volunteer at affiliated club level or at national/regional games representing the University of Adelaide.


a)     Member of AU Sport Board of Management
b)     AU Sport Council delegate
c)     South Australian representative on AUS National Board
d)     AU Sport Committee member, e.g. Blues, West Beach Hockey Centre, Users Group Committee etc.
e)     AU Sport staff members
f)      Representatives from the University of Adelaide


The AU Sport Board of Management may nominate one person per year (who is not included in one of the above categories) for special services to Sport at the University of Adelaide.

Unsporting Behaviour

The AU Sport Service Award may not be awarded to a person, who has acted in an unsporting manner to the detriment of the welfare of such person's club or to the prejudice of the dignity and honour of AU Sport or the University, and no person who has so acted shall be nominated for any such award.

A nomination must be:

1. Completed online

2. Provide suitable information for the Blues Committee to understand the justification for the nomination
4. Letter of support from the club/person(s) making the nomination and any other supporting documentation must be attached to the survey before the closing date to be considered by the Blues Committee. This is the responsibility of the person submitting the nomination. See question 14-16 to upload any documents.

Nominations close:
                  Round 1: Friday 3 May 5pm
                  Round 2:  Friday 18 October 5pm

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