Help Us Help You - Feedback Wanted

A few questions to help guide us in creating the best service possible for you to start generating income and building your business and brand.

* 3. What are the primary obstacles for you to improve your livelihood and income?

* 4. Check all that apply to you.

* 5. Think of the skills, knowledge, and talents you already possess but do not earn enough money with now and list them here.

* 6. Check any of the following services that you have used to sell your services to others and will use again.

* 7. If you have used one or more of the above services, which one is the best for you and why?

* 8. is free to promote and sell your services online until you actually start generating income.  If you started getting new business and new customers, what would be a fair way to charge for this service?

* 9. What is your gender?

* 10. What is your age?

* 11. What is the highest level of school you have completed or the highest degree you have received?

If you would like to be one of our first Service Providers, simply fill out the invitation form on our website. 

We will invite people on a first come, first serve basis and by the services they wish to offer.  We will keep competition low so our users can truly build their income on our platform.

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