Thank you for you input!

Next week Pastor Adam will be taking one day on a sermon planning retreat.  He'd like your input and suggestions for sermons you feel would be most helpful to you and in reaching out to our community during the next two years.  Before sharing your ideas, please pause and pray inviting God to guide you and the team working on the sermon plan.  You may take this survey more than once - if you've got an idea comes to you later, simply click the link again to submit your additional ideas. Thank you so much for your help!

* 1. Each year we plan a couple of sermon series that focus on particular biblical characters, or books of the Bible. Which biblical characters, stories, or books of the Bible would you most be interested in learning about in the next two years?

* 2. As you think about your unchurched friends, are there sermon series ideas that you think might be of interest to your unchurched friends - questions about faith they have, concerns that keep them from coming to church, or personal issues that, if addressed in a sermon series, might draw them to attend?

* 3. We hope to help you grow as Christians each week in worship. How can we help you do that? What spiritual practices, theological questions, or biblical ideas do you feel you need to grow in, practice more, or learn more about?

* 4. Every year, we offer some sermons that address pastoral needs and concerns - sermons on relationships, hurts, everyday living, or emotional concerns. We explore these issues to see where the Bible and Christian faith offer guidance. Are there things you struggle with, or things you known others struggle with, that you hope would be addressed in the coming year?

* 5. Some sermons are designed to help equip and inspire you to serve God with your life in ministry and witness in the world. What topics would equip, inspire and encourage you to fully live and share your faith?

* 6. What sermon series ideas do you have for the five-week Advent season, leading up to and including Christmas?

* 7. Next year's presidential race is anticipated to be polarizing, dividing our nation.  Pastor Adam is planning a sermon series exploring some of the major issues that will be front and center in the race, helping us to see both sides, to hear how scripture and our faith might shape our understanding, and ultimately calling us to model for our community and world how we can build bridges instead of walls during the election season.  We'll have experts on both sides of the issues weighing in.  Which of the topics below do you believe are most important for us to discuss together as people of faith during this sermon series? 

Select as many as 5 from the list below.

* 8. My age is:

* 9. I primarily attend: