Interest Survey for Self-Care Circles

I am observing a lot of people feeling really depleted these days and I myself and feeling both a depletion and a need for self-care.  So, I am interested in offering circles of self-care and support both in the Rochester, NY area and virtually for people from all over to gather so that we can be well nourished, and sustain ourselves through tumultuous times.  I have found circles to be a great place to connect, to find that sense of community, and to share wisdom with one another. Self-care is not selfish; it is our lifeblood.  It is from a place of being well-resourced and cared for that we have a strong enough foundation to show up to life in the way that we want to and need to.  

* 1. Would you be interested in joining a circle which focuses primarily on self-care?

* 2. If you answered Yes or Maybe to #1, how often would you like to meet?

* 3. What days/times of the week would work best for you to meet?  (check all that apply) 

* 4. Would you prefer to meet in person or virtually (by phone in a teleconference format)? Or perhaps a combination of both?  

* 5. Would you prefer to be part of a closed, ongoing group that meets for a certain period of time (3-12 months) or an open circle that meets on a regular basis but people come and go?

* 6. If you answered that you'd prefer to be part of a closed group in #5, what length of time would you be willing to commit to meeting?

* 7. Is it important to you to meet in a group that is only women or would you like a group that is open to all people?

* 8. Do you know of places we might meet that would accommodate our group for little-no cost?  If so, please share your ideas here.

* 9. What would you be willing to spend to be part of such a group? (per 60-90 min. meeting or call)?  I would be willing to spend...  per meeting

* 10. If you have a space (or are connected to a space) that might be suitable for our gatherings, and you'd be willing to help me coordinate this, please leave your name, email, and phone here.  Please note preferred method of communication and best times to reach you.  Thank you very much! 

* 11. Anything else you'd like me to know or consider as I move forward with this idea?