1. OpenID Security Summit Survey

Thank you for attending the OpenID Summit on May 2nd. We would like to know what you thought about the format and content of this event. Your input is valuable to us and will help to raise the bar on future Summit events.

* 1. My job responsibilities mainly include:

* 2. I would classify the company/organization I work for as an:

* 3. Did you feel the length of the sessions were just about right, too long or too short?

* 4. Overall, how satisfied were you with the speakers/presenters?

* 5. The content of the sessions was appropriate and informative.

* 6. The Summit was well organized

* 7. What kind of sessions would you like to see included in future OpenID Summits?

* 8. How would you rate this Summit compared to other events of this type that you have attended?

* 9. It what ways could the OpenID Summits be improved?

* 10. Can we send you more information on OpenID or Membership?