The City of Seattle is looking at different ways to improve on-street parking availability and the overall customer experience in areas with paid parking, which includes many neighborhood business districts and downtown. We will incorporate survey responses into our Performance-based Parking Pricing Study (click here for more information).

Thank you for sharing your opinions!

The first question will lead you to a distinct survey. If you choose "Business Owner", the questions will be about how your customers use on-street parking and how you feel it supports your business. If you choose "Customer/Visitor", the questions will be about how you use on-street parking and what decisions you face when you choose to park.

Feel free to take both surveys if you are both a business owner and customer/visitor. Each survey has about 25 questions and should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Question Title

1. How do you characterize yourself in relation to the City of Seattle on-street parking system?