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Navy SEAL Swim 2022 - Tryout selection

This form is for you to select one of the tryouts we will be hosting in Long Branch, NJ on June 4th and July 9th. If you qualify, you can join the SEALs on August 6th and swim across the Hudson River to raise support for the nation's veterans!

The location for the tryouts will be 100 Ocean Ave N, Long Branch, NJ 07740.

In addition, all tryout participants must also create a Team Page on the GI Go Fund website and agree to all terms and conditions in the form in order to participate in the main event on August 6th.

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* 6. If you are unable to attend either date,  you will still need to qualify for the swim prior to August 6th. You can obtain qualification in three ways: 

1. You are a non-SEAL Swimmer who completed a prior NYC SEAL Swim.

2. Email Bill Brown ( and provide proof of completion of an open water swimming event..

3. A SEAL confirms with Bill Brown your swimming ability prior to July 22nd.

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