Evidence Collection

Help push through urgent action within Auckland council and address uneducated apathy in regards to tar sealing Rodney's deplorable roads. Our most pressing needs are not being actioned and the personal and financial toll on our communities must cease. This page gives all Rodney citizens a vehicle to describe incidences and associated personal costs directly resulting from unsealed roads. This web based campaign empowers Rodney citizens through your ability to "log on" and quickly detail any incidences and personal cost attributed to living or driving on unsealed roads. The power of the correlated information will see Rodney residents able to flex their democratic muscle to collectively sway Auckland council to seal our roads through a process of capturing graphic undisputable factual evidence.
Please update as many times as you can with any new incidences and costs as evidence to prove that roads require urgent sealing and maintenance.

* 2. 2. Tell us about your experience, or other incidences, on Rodney Roads e.g potholes, ungraded metal, sharp metal etc

* 3. Estimate a $ cost  (Make your own guess if not sure of the actual $ cost)

* 4. What road did the incident happen on 

* 5. Please post photos/video to Seal Rodney Roads Facebook page or load to YouTube and email the link to Greg.sayers@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

* 6. Personal Information (Optional)

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