To find out if you are realising your true commercial potential and benefitting from greater market awareness, take two minutes to take part in our PR optimisation quiz.

* 1. How is your PR & Communications strategy supported?

* 2. Is your PR & Communications strategy resulting in increased sales interest for your products and services?

* 3. How often are your executives invited to speak at industry conferences and seminars?

* 4. Have you or your company, product or service ever won or been nominated for an industry Award?

* 5. How often is your company, product or service featured in trade and industry publications?

* 6. How often do industry journalists and editors contact you about your company, products or services?

* 7. What level of maritime industry knowledge does your PR team have?

* 8. What level of journalism experience does your PR team have ?

* 9. Have your executives been trained to deal with the media in times of a PR crisis?

* 10. In order of importance, what aspect of PR do you consider most of value?

  Extremely Important Very Important Somewhat Important Little Importance Not Important
Press Releases
Feature Articles
White Papers/Case Studies
Issue Campaigning/Lobbying
Press Conferences
1-2-1 Media Interviews
Direct Marketing
Advertising & Media Buying
Social Media (blogging, tweets, posts, etc)
Media Training & Crisis Management
Conference Speaking
Awards Nominations

* 11. How effective do you consider your PR & Communications strategy to be?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 12. Address