CSL Score Reporting


* 1. Person Reporting Score

* 2. It is important for some of these questions that the person filling out this form was at the game.
Were you at the game?

* 3. Game Result

* 4. Did the Game Start on Time

* 5. If the Game Started late, please tell us why...

* 6. How many referees were there?

* 7. Did the referees follow the proper procedure for player check-in?
Check each player individually, comparing photo on ID card to player?

* 8. Did the Referees follow league substitution rules?

* 9. Please rate the referees performance

  Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
Assistent Ref 1 (same side as teams)
Assistant Ref 2

* 10. Comments on the Referees...

* 11. Did the opposing team submit the proper Calsouth Gameday Form

* 12. Comments on the Opposing team...

* 13. Comments on the field conditions, ie, size, quality, set up, etc...

* 14. Were there any injuries to any players on your team? Please explain.

* 15. If the game was not played as scheduled please state the reasons why...