Starke County Public Library System Survey 2018

Please take a moment to answer this anonymous survey about the library. All questions are optional.

* 1. How would you rate each of the following library services?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Don’t know/Not applicable
Customer service
Collection (books, DVDs, music, newspapers, etc.)
Programs (classes, storytimes, etc.)
Online services (website, catalog, research databases, etc.)
ILL (Inter-library loan)
Library policies
Computers and printers
Internet access
Hours of operation
Overall, how would you rate the library?

* 2. What do you value most about the library?

* 3. How could the library or its services be improved?

* 4. How often do you use the library?

* 5. How do you hear about events and programs happening at the library?

Thank you for your time! if you have questions about this survey or about the library, please contact us at or 574-772-7323