Welcome to Our Industry Survey for Retailers


Category Management Knowledge Group (http://www.cmkg.org) is a category management consulting and training company that is dedicated to building knowledge in category management for Retailers and Suppliers.
We recently presented a "Category Management Report Card" at a a retail industry conference and had very positive feedback on it.  Based on that, we decided to extend this opportunity to the industry.  If you missed "Part 1" or "Part 2" of the survey, you can read about the results of it in our 2 blog postings (Category Management in Retail is changing — how are you keeping up? and "Category Management in Retail Scorecard: Compare Part 1 Results".  But you can still take Part 3 of the survey and we'll share the results in our blog next week!

Part 3 of the survey reviews the requirements to complete a proper category assessment (if you haven't read our blog posting on this subject, click here before you complete the survey to ensure that you understand the context of this important topic).  We hope that you find this helpful to identify areas of gaps and opportunities in your category assessment and analytics!

Thanks for participating in the survey!  Once we compile the results we will send them to you so that you can benchmark your answers to other retailers in the industry.