What is this survey about?

This survey was developed as part of the Advancing Research Impacts in Society (ARIS) Center Fellows Program supported through a grant from the NSF (#1810732). The findings and recommendations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. (-- Jeanne Garbarino and Kyle Marian Viterbo)  


As local and national science outreach communities continue to form and grow, and the professionalization of the science outreach field begins to take hold, it is important that members of these communities are connected and supported. 

To help our community make these connections, and share examples of what science outreach and engagement can look like in diverse contexts, we are using this survey to build a case study database around science outreach initiatives. The goals of this survey are:
  • Make it easy for practitioners of science outreach to share information about their work in this space
  • To share this information in a way that is consistent and complete
  • To provide examples of how science outreach can work in diverse contexts
  • To ensure that the people doing the work are recognized
We have designed this survey for to capture information around a single science outreach initiative. Adding that this initiative should be something with describable outcomes -- these outcomes do not need to be anything formal, and can even exist in andecdata form.

Once the survey is filled out, our team will be in touch to schedule a 1 hour discussion over Zoom. Your answers to this survey will be used to guide our conversation, and provide important information for creating your case study entry. The answers you put in here will not be used directly in the case study.

To whoever is filling this out: please feel free to free associate. We do not need fancy answers -- we are really hoping to capture your honest and raw take. 

We anticipate that this survey will take 30 minutes to complete. We have designed our questions to capture information on the following broad categories:
  • Overview of your science outreach initiative
  • Logistics related to this effort
  • Information on your target audiences
  • Description of your initiative's outcomes
  • Information about your team and organization
  • Personal reflections
We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your time!

With gratitude,
Jeanne and Kyle
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