Application Process

Applications are accepted bi-annually in February and August. 
Representatives from the SciFish Advisory Panel (SAP) review and provide notice of acceptance to applicants within 4-6 weeks of submission.   

Review criteria include:  
- Addresses a data gap for assessment and/or management. 
- Anticipated use of the data and/or project outcomes will be of value to the industry and partners. 
- Technical merit/methodology. 
- Availability of expertise and its application to the problem addressed.  
- Plan and capacity for data QA/QC and analysis. 
- Participant/volunteer qualifications and/or ability to train volunteers. 
- Volunteer engagement including recruitment, retention, and outreach. 
- Project evaluation metrics.

Applicants submitting applications that meet the criteria will be onboarded to the SciFish platform.

SciFish Application Timeline
Month SciFish Application Stage
February 1 Full Application
April 1 Pre-Application
June 1 Pre-Application
August 1 Full Application
October 1 Pre-Application
December 1 Pre-Application