Scientific research and decisions about important societal issues depend on the availability and use of data. We would like to know more about the issues and challenges you are facing with respect to data use so that we can do our part to better serve the scientific community. Please take a few minutes to answer the brief questions below. Thank you for your help.

* 1. Please indicate your broad area of expertise or research (select one field that provides the best description).

* 2. I conduct research or work at...

* 3. How many scientific papers have you authored or co-authored?

* 4. How often do you access or use data sets from the published literature, directly from papers or supplements, for your original research papers (not review papers)?

* 5. How often do you access or use data sets from archival databases or repositories for your original research papers?

* 6. If you use such data frequently, what are the main archives you use (e.g., Genbank, PDB, an instrument, telescope, or mission data archive, etc.)

* 7. Have you asked colleagues for data related to their published papers in the past 5 years?

* 8. If you answered yes to the previous question, has the appropriate data been provided?

* 9. What is the size of the largest data set that you have used or generated in your research (for a single paper/project)?

* 10. Where do you archive most of the data generated in your lab or for your research?

* 11. For how long do you store most of the data generated in your lab or for your research associated with your publications? (or if you think of a paper you wrote x years ago, could you access all the raw data, code, and materials associated with it).

* 12. How important are these problems to data access or sharing in your field?

  The most important issue (one answer only) Very important Moderately important Not very important not important or not relevant
Privacy concerns or private data
Lack of standardization of data
Lack of standard metadata describing the data
Lack of curated community databases
Lack of storage (the data we collect are too massive to archive)
Lack of enforcement by journals or funding agencies
Other researchers who refuse to share data after publication

* 13. Is there specific funding for your lab or research group for data curation?

* 14. Do you have the necessary expertise in your lab/group to analyze all your data in the way you want?

* 15. Please provide any additional thoughts or comments on this issue. Thank you for your help.