Award Nomination Form

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2020 Bike/Walk Tampa Bay "Michael R. Schwaid Bicyclist of the Year" Award.  The award will be presented at the next Bike/Walk Tampa Bay Virtual Summit. 

BACKGROUND: During 2017, Bike/Walk Tampa Bay (BWTB) presented Michael Schwaid with the BWTB Bicyclist of the Year Award for his extraordinary courage and resilience, and for being a role model to other bicyclists. Michael was an inspiration to bicyclists everywhere, and he always had a smile to share and a passionate word to say about bicycle safety and his experience in the saddle. Many know that Michael endured a long recovery after a drunk motorist with a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit crashed into him on March 30, 2016 while he was commuting on his bike. Through great determination, he eventually got back on his bike and began riding again. Michael passed away on September 27, 2017. The BWTB Bicyclist of the Year Award has been renamed the Michael R. Schwaid Bicyclist of the Year Award in his honor.

The following are the nomination criteria. Not all criteria must be met to qualify:
* Displayed resilience and courage to overcome an obstacle to be able to continue bicycling
* Demonstrated commitment to improving bicycling education, bicyclists' safety, and/or the benefits of bicycling
* Source of inspiration to other bicyclists

(Note:  BWTB Board members are not eligible for nomination)