How Can FCHS & FoodCorps Support Your Garden-Enhanced School Wellness Program?

Thank you for your interest in the garden-enhanced school wellness services offered by FCHS...Rutgers Cooperative Extension and FoodCorps.  
It is our mission to provide a sustainable service to you and your students, by providing a series of lessons/trainings that include wellness, nutrition, and/or improving your school's wellness culture/environment.  Research tells us that wellness education works best with collective components and repetition.  We are best able to impact wellness with a series of 4 or more lessons and by including a variety of activities to support school wellness goals that improve knowledge, behavior and your school culture/environment.  This survey will help us understand your needs.  Likewise, it will introduce you to the variety of wellness services we offer.  We encourage you to consider a multi-dimensional approach to wellness by including several different services in your wellness request. 
We receive many requests for service.  Please help us accommodate your needs by telling us about yourself, your school and your needs.  A representative from our office will respond within 10 working days to discuss our availability, services and next steps.  

* 1. In what county is your school located?

* 3. School Name

* 4. Grades & Programs School Offers (Check all that apply.)

* 5. What is your school's free & reduced lunch rate (percentage)?

* 6. Your Name

* 7. Your Title

* 8. Your Email

* 9. Your Telephone

* 10. Tell us about your school.  (Please check all that apply.)

FCHS and FoodCorps offer a large variety of school wellness services.  Please review each category below (in questions 11-14) and select the services you are seeking.  You may select as many options as you'd like -- in different categories or in one category.

* 11. Changing the School Wellness Culture/Environment

* 12. Training & Development for School Teachers, Nurses, Food Service Professionals, Administrators & Staff

* 13. Wellness Promotion

* 14. School Nutrition Services

* 15. Please tell us which grades you'd like us to work with.

* 16. Number of classrooms per grade:

* 17. Number of children per classroom:

* 18. Do you have any questions or comments about our services?  Please list them below.

* 19. Would you like to network with other local school professionals with an interest in garden-enhanced school wellness?

* 20. When would you like us to start working with you/your school?  (Include month and year.)

Thank you for your interest in FCHS...Rutgers Cooperative Extension and FoodCorps.  A representative will be in touch within 10 days.