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(For school year ending May/June 2012)

PLEASE COMPLETE this survey by December 15, 2012.

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. The required questions are marked with a star (*). If you do not collect specific information or cannot estimate accurately, you may skip any of the non-required questions. If an answer is zero, please enter “0,” rather than leaving a blank. If actual counts are available, please report them. Otherwise, please provide estimates based on a count taken during two or three typical weeks (perhaps in October and April). A "typical week" is any time that is neither unusually busy nor unusually slow. Avoid pre-exam times or when unusual events are taking place in the community or the library. Choose a week when the library is open its regular hours.

If you have questions concerning this survey, call Rob Geiszler, State Data Coordinator, Vermont Department of Libraries at (802)786-3839, or email questions at rob.geiszler@state.vt.us.


* 1. Name of School/Library:

* 2. Address:

* 3. Librarian:

* 4. Librarian's E-mail Address:

* 5. Library Web Address/URL: http:\\

Hours of operation - List days & times library was open both during the school year and during the summer:

* 6. Normal hours open during the school year (ex. M-F 8-4; Tu,W,Th 1-3; etc.):

* 7. Total number of hours open each week during the school year:

* 8. How many weeks during the school year was the library open? Count partial weeks as "weeks open."

* 9. Summer Hours (ex. M-F 8-4; Tu,W,Th 1-3, etc.):

* 10. Total number of hours open each week during the summer:

* 11. How many weeks during the summer was the library open? Count partial weeks as "weeks open."

* 12. All figures reported should be accurate as of the end of the most recently completed school year. Enter the ending date for last school year, below:

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