The role and identities of School Governors : media, policy and training influences

As part of a study into the relationship between the media and education policy in England and Wales I am looking at the ways in which media reporting; education policy and governor learning influence governor identities. In order to help with the study, the outputs of which will form the basis of a book chapter, journal article and blog post, I would be grateful if you could take 10 minutes of your time completing this questionnaire in which there are 20 questions.
The results of the questionnaire will be completely anonymous and the results used in collaboration with other data drawn for the subject. The main questions for this part of the study are:
1. What influence does the media have for governors learning about their role and what form does this take?
2. How do governors learn about their role and function?
3. How do governors use print and online media to link with other governors and seek information about their role and functions?
4.To what extent does media reporting color how governors feel about their role (in comparison to other elements ?)
6.How does education/ governing policy affect the ways in which governors perceive their role?