1. Michigan School Garden Training Needs Survey - Demographic Information

Hello !  Michigan State University Extension is conducting a survey of the training needs of Michigan School Gardens. This survey is similar to the one we distributed last year with a few changes. The information gathered from this survey will help us determine what types of training and resources are needed to support those that are creating and maintaining school garden projects across the state and to better understand how school gardens operate.  Please help spread the word of this survey via your school garden team and larger networks.

For schools that do not have gardens we want to know what the barriers are.

For schools with gardens we want to know what makes them work and what resources are needed to sustain them and allow them to grow.

I realize that your time is valuable; there are a total of 17 questions for participants with school gardens and IT SHOULD TAKE YOU LESS THAN 10 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THIS SURVEY.  There will be even less time involved for those who do not have gardens.  This information will be used strictly to determine training and professional development needs.

Please ensure that this survey is answered by the person who will have the most in-depth knowledge about your school garden and its functions.  If there are multiple coordinators of your garden please communicate with them regarding who will be answering the survey to reduced the chances of duplicate survey responses for your school garden.  Please note that this survey is meant to be answered for one school garden only (i.e., if you are involved with more than one garden, please fill out an individual survey for each garden you are involved with). 

Thank you for sharing! 

Kristine Hahn, Community Food Systems Educator
Michigan State University Extension

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* 1. Your role in supporting the school garden:

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* 2. School name:

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* 3. School city:

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* 5. Check all the grade levels that your school serves (check all that apply):

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* 6. Does your school have a garden or garden program?