The Chef Ann Foundation (CAF) is engaged in a seven-month planning phase in preparation for the launch of the School Food Fellowship Program. The overall goal of the program is to generate new leaders and experts in self-operated, scratch cook meal programs in schools, targeting folks who already lead, or plan to lead, school district meal programs. Beyond these very high level ideas, there’s a lot that needs to be shaped by experts in the field - experts like you.

Whether your district might be a host site for scratch cooking fellows, or someone in your district might apply to participate in a scratch cooking fellowship, we value your insights and feedback. Thank you in advance for sharing 10-15 minutes of your time. Questions about the survey can be directed to Linden Thayer (

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* 1. What is your current role within your school district/school food?

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* 2. What scratch cooking was happening in your school district meals programs pre-COVID-19? CAF defines scratch cooking as, "cooking with fresh, whole ingredients"

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* 3. Would you/your district be interested in...

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