Thank you for taking the time to share your out-of-school time (OST) program information with us. OST programs serve K-12 youth before school, after school, summers, and school breaks. Programs can take place in schools, school-age child care centers, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, universities, camps, and other locations.

This online searchable database enables families and community members to find information about youth programs in their communities. The database is managed through a partnership between Indiana Afterschool Network and Early Learning Indiana's Partnerships for Early Learners. 

If you have multiple program sites/locations, please complete a unique survey for each location.

If you have any questions, call 1-800-299-1627 or email 
AFTERSCHOOL PROVIDER INFORMATION - If you have more than one program, complete a survey for each program.

* 1. Enter the name of the out-of-school time program (afterschool, summer, school-age program):

* 2. Enter the First & Last Name of Program Contact:

* 3. Enter the location of the program:

* 4. Enter mailing address if different than location:

* 5. Contact Information:

* 6. Website and Fax for Program:

* 7. Approximate date the program first started providing services:

Enter approximate date:

* 8. Would you like to be included in referrals given to families who are searching for out-of-school time programs?

  Yes No
Referrals by phone
Online referral search

* 9. Ages served by program:

* 10. Grade Levels of Participants- Select the options that indicate the grade level of children and youth served.

* 11. Is your program serving children of military families?

* 12. Are you willing to provide flexible scheduling for military families?

* 13. Does your child care program have non-profit status?

Your program is considered 'non-profit’ if it has current 501c3 tax exempt status.

* 14. Does your program have any of the following special designations?

* 15. Does your program offer any of the following transportation options?

* 16. Select the days of the week that the program is open:

* 17. Shifts of Services Available: Enter the start and end times of the shifts that the program is open to serve children.
Example: 6:30am - 8:30am

* 18. Program Calendar (check all that apply)

* 19. Is your program willing to provide either of the following to families:

* 20. Environmental features of the program:

  Present Not Present
Enclosed Outdoor Play Area
Pool or Waterfront
Wheelchair Accessible Option
Living Species (Pets)

* 21. Is the program located in a smoke free environment?

* 22. Meals served:

  Provided at No Cost Provided at Additional Cost Not Provided

* 23. Select the option that best describes the physical setting of the program:

* 24. Current Rates Charged to Families:

* 25. Select any additional fees charged to families:

* 26. Current Enrollment Information

* 27. Enter a description for the program and/or unique area of focus.

* 28. Eligibility for Enrollment: Enter any specific eligibility for participation in the program, such as: gender, income, school designation, special referrals, selective application, special needs, etc.

* 29. Activities Provided – Select all of the options that indicate the programming area of focus.

* 30. Select the counties in Indiana that the program serves.

* 31. Three Greatest Needs - What are the three (3) greatest needs to help expand and develop your program?

* 32. Staffing and Attendance Data

Select 'Done' to submit the program information.