Dear Advisory Committee Members:

Following are 33 economic development initiatives for action that were synthesized and generated by the Consultant Team from its review of the numerous economic development-related recommendations identified in previous reports, surveys, strategies and plans produced by the county, partnerships, communities and towns in Sullivan County in recent years.

These initiatives were identified by the team as those deserving priority consideration for inclusion in the County’s Economic Development Strategic Plan based upon input we received from our interviews, community meetings and employer survey, and from our 30+ years of experience creating economic development strategies. The initiatives are grouped into eight thematic categories:
• Organization
• Business Development
• Workforce Development
• Education
• Infrastructure
• Agriculture
• Tourism
• Community Character and Revitalization

We are asking the members of the Advisory Team to review the following initiatives and rank each one according to the priority it should receive for consideration for inclusion in the Strategic Plan on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the highest priority and 10 being the least priority. We hope to narrow down the number of initiatives from 33 to the 15 most highly ranked by the committee members.

The Plan will contain specific action steps to be identified for each of the 15 initiatives, along with recommended timing and implementation responsibility.

Please rank each of the following economic development initiatives by the level of priority you think they should receive for inclusion in the Plan.

Please submit your response by April 1. We will aggregate the responses and report the results back to you at an Advisory Committee meeting to be held on April 3. The location of this meeting is being determined, and once identified, will be forwarded to you.

We thank you in advance for your assistance.