Please help us by completing this survey. Results will be used to help us better serve families.
Thank you so much for assisting us in improving our services!

* 1. In which county do you live?

* 2. How did you hear about SCCAP?

* 3. What SCCAP program gave you the survey to complete?

* 4. How helpful was the SCCAP programs to you or your family?

* 5. How important is this SCCAP program to our community?

* 6. Do you feel like SCCAP staff treated you with respect and courtesy (even if they could not help you)?

* 7. Do you feel like SCCAP Volunteers treated you with respect and courtesy?

* 8. Do our office hours meet your needs or are there other hours or days that would be more beneficial to you?

* 9. SCCAP's goal is to help families improve their lives and/or to help them move out of poverty - how well does SCCAP meet this goal?

* 10. Are there any examples of how SCCAP has helped you that you would like to share with us? (If a staff person was helpful, please list their name if you know it.)

* 11. What SCCAP programs have you used in the past?

* 12. Do you refer others to SCCAP?

* 13. How big of a barrier are the following items in keeping you or others stuck in poverty or struggling to make ends meet?

  Not an issue An issue A significant issue
Not enough child care
Child care too costly
Transportation issues
No jobs/low wage jobs
Lack of job training programs
Lack of mental health services
Losing critical benefits (i.e. WIC, SNAP, CCIS) too soon
Lack of educational opportunities
Cost of living in our county
Cost of Housing

* 14. What services do you feel are missing in the community?

* 15. Have you been to our website?

* 16. Is there anything you would like to see added to our website?

* 17. Have you been to our Facebook page - hhtp://

* 18. How do you prefer to get information, news or learn new things?

* 19. Would you be willing to serve on a focus group or panel to help us better understand how to help families in our community?  If you would, please list your name and either your email or phone number below.

* 20. Other comments you feel would be helpful.