1. S-CAR Graduate Internship - Site Supervisor Agreement

Internships provide an opportunity for students to gain practical experience, reflect on those experiences, and apply academic theories outside of the normal classroom environment. It is the goal of the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR) to prepare students for complex circumstances in the real world. Students' benefit greatly when they have the opportunity to apply academic theories being learned in the classroom to actual situations that arise in the work environment. Not only does the student have the opportunity to make insightful reflections on what is being learned in the classroom, but she/he also gains critical work experience that helps develop additional workplace skills that employers are seeking.

The following contains useful guidelines as well as the George Mason University Consent Agreement for Internship Site Supervisors and S-CAR students. Initials and electronic signatures indicate that both parties are aware of and agree to these guidelines.

There are seven sections in this application; please scroll down to the bottom of each page and continue to the next page until you reach the End page. Please complete all sections.

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* 1. This Experiential Learning Agreement is made by and among:

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* 2. The purpose of this agreement is to place the S-CAR student in a work assignment with the site as part of the integration or internship course of study offered by George Mason University for academic credit.

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* 4. Description of Student Responsibilities: