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Your objective at this store

We require you to visit the business on a day and time specified in the brief provided to you. If you have not received a brief, DO NOT evaluate or complete this form until you have confirmation from your Scala Account Manager.

On entering the business, give the staff an opportunity to make eye contact and acknowledge you, do not approach them. If not approached within 5 minutes, approach the staff with your needs.

 Special Instructions

Be familiar with your special instructions e.g. browse/order a specific product or range, these are often in addition to the overall service experience and require specific feedback from you for our report to the client.


Each section has a page available for additional comments. Please use this section to provide additional information on the above questions, provide some further context for our reporting and opportunities for improvement for the business. Your opinion counts, please provide as much insight as possible on what you believe worked/could be improved!

 Refund or Return of stock

In some circumstances the business may require a formally evaluated return or refund to be performed. This will be explained in your initial brief.

In the event a formal evaluation of refund or return is not required, the following needs to be considered:

a) If you wish to retain the purchase for your personal use, you must do so at your own expense.

b) If you do not wish to retain the products personally, please return the product (intact and original purchase condition) with the purchase receipt to Scala Institute. Once a refund has been received, we will forward this in full to you.

Thank you and Good Luck!

Thank you for taking the time to assist this business. Your evaluation is a critical part of their self-improvement and will ensure they are set up to make the best changes to continue to grow. 

Please relax and ensure your experience is as calm, natural and honest as possible... we're counting on you!

Good luck