Participants registering for the San Bruno Youth Baseball League are strongly recommended to register within their corresponding age group according to the yearly age chart. In the event that a parent or guardian feels that their child would benefit greatly from participating in a division outside of their corresponding age group, there is a 3-step process: (1) the parent or guardian must complete and return to the league this form 2 weeks before the division evaluation; (2) the league will notify the player’s current manger (if applicable); and (3) the player must then attend the evaluation for the division he/she wishes to play in. If the player does not attend the evaluation, the request will be automatically denied.

An evaluation committee appointed by the San Bruno Youth Baseball board of directors will then evaluate the player’s ability and make the determination if the player would be allowed to “play-up” or stay down in the division they are currently assigned.

No child will be allowed to “play up” more than one division or stay down more than one season. After staying down one season, the player must advance to the next division!

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