One of San Bruno Youth Baseball’s goals is to teach the game of baseball to the players of our community. We work very hard to create a program that teaches the skills of baseball, sportsmanship, and team play. We understand that some families have difficulties raising the money necessary for registration. To assist with this, San Bruno Youth Baseball makes available a limited amount of financial aid.

Our process for determining which applicants shall receive the assistance is as follows:

1.      Applicant will complete all registration requirements without payment.
2.      Applicant will complete the financial assistance request form.
3.      All submitted applications will be voted on by the San Bruno Youth Baseball Board of Directors.

If approved for financial assistance, you will be asked to assist with various volunteer activities, such as the Fourth of July fireworks booth, the Parents’ night out, the poker tournament, 4th of July Baseball tournament , or other forms of service to San Bruno Youth Baseball. Applicants who receive financial assistance and do not assist with fundraisers or perform other forms of service will be required to pay back the financial aid, and will be denied financial aid in the next season.

All applications will be kept confidential; the applicant’s name will only be known by the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of San Bruno Youth Baseball. During the board voting process, the circumstances of the application will be voted on, but the names of the applicants will not be revealed.

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San Bruno Youth Baseball  
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