Study Information and Confidentiality Agreement
Thank you for participating in this survey.  This is part of a study that the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California (SBCTC) is conducting with the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) on the topic of Nanotechnology in Construction.  Previous knowledge of this topic is not required to complete this survey.

You have been invited to participate in this study because you are a construction contractor, union representative or union apprenticeship representative in California. Your participation in the study is completely voluntary. This survey is designed to assess your knowledge about nanotechnology and nanomaterials used in construction; it will be as important for us to know what you are NOT aware of as what you are.

To complete the survey, you will be guided through a series of specific questions, and also be asked to review an extensive list of construction products and identify any that you recognize and/or have used.  We estimate that the survey will take 10-15 minutes on average to complete.  It may require more or less time depending upon your individual responses.
Results of the study will be used to guide the development of training and educational resources on nanotechnology in construction. The final study report will be posted on our SBCTC and Safety HUB websites, and on the CPWR website. Findings may also be published in industry journals.

We agree to strictly maintain your confidentiality:
  • We will not reveal your name or personal information in any summaries, reports or publications.
  • Survey responses will be analyzed in aggregate, no responses will be tied to any individual participant.
  • You do not have to answer any question that you don’t want to and may end the survey at any point.
  • To minimize the risks to confidentiality, we will store all survey results in secure files at the SBCTC office in Sacramento. All identifying information will be removed. Only study research staff will have access to these files.
We will randomly select some of the people who have completed the on-line survey to participate in a more extensive follow-up interview by telephone. If you are among those selected, you are not obligated to complete that interview unless you choose to participate.  At that time, we will ask again for your consent and provide you with information regarding the policies and procedures to ensure your confidentiality is protected.
If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact Laura Boatman ( If you’re ready to begin the survey and agree to this confidentiality agreement, check the “I Agree” box below. Then click the “Next” button to begin the survey.

Thank you again for your interest in our study.

* 1. By clicking "I Agree" I acknowledge the following:
  • My participation in this study is completely voluntary,
  • I have read and understand the information above,
  • I understand what is required as a participant in this survey,
  • I accept the confidentiality agreement.

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