Step 2: Complete this GardenStyleSA Irrigation Rebate Checklist

Please read and answer the questions fully as they are designed to help you better understand the requirements of the program.

GardenStyleSA Irrigation System Rebates are available to help you make permanent structural changes to your irrigation system. San Antonio Water System (SAWS) water customers who follow our five-step plan can earn a nice cash reward while greatly reducing their water bills.

Your Conservation Consultation was Step 1.

This questionnaire and checklist is Step 2 of your five-step journey.

As part of Step 2, there are two (2) basic rebate pathways:

1. You can kick the irrigation habit by permanently retiring your irrigation system or,

2. Take a first step by making targeted irrigation system changes such as retiring a zone or converting spray irrigation in landscape beds (not under grass) to drip irrigation, adding a master valve, or converting spray heads in grass areas to pressure-reducing spray heads.

Just remember: if you want to receive a SAWS irrigation rebate, you MUST have a Conservation Consultation at your home or business BEFORE you begin any actual work on your irrigation system.

If you HAVE NOT had a SAWS Conservation Consultation at your home or business within the past 12 months, schedule your appointment now by calling SAWS Conservation at (210) 704-7283 or email

*** NOTE     If your irrigation system changes result in an anticipated rebate of $600 or more during the calendar year, you will be required to complete an IRS W-9 Form and return it to SAWS before your irrigation rebate check can be released.  Per Federal IRS requirements, SAWS will send you an IRS 1099 Form in the following year to report the rebate income on your taxes. ***