!!! NEW Hearing Date Thursday, July 6th !!!

The Comprehensive Plan map above shows there are no Township parks in southeast York Township. The 2015 York Township Recreation Plan set the goal 10 acres of parkland for every thousand residents. After eight years there are still only 9.8 acres of parkland/1,000 residents. 

To add insult to this injury, the Township just acquired the 68.6-acres of new parkland shown in the map above and this new parkland is near two existing parks: York Township Park and Markey Park.

The 59-acre Red Lion Country Club site shown above has been proposed for rezoning for intense development. The site is already public school property and could become a much needed park in southeast York Township. Adding these 59 acres would put Township parkland at 11.7 acres/1,000 residents - well over the goal!

Please add your name below to join with us in urging the York Township Commissioners to deny the rezoning and instead pursue making the 59 acres parkland. 

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* 1. I urge the York Township Board of Commissioners to deny intense development rezoning and instead look into making the Red Lion Country Club site parkland.

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* 2. May we ask you to say a few words about why you feel the Red Lion Country Club site should be preserved rather than intensely developed? This explanation is vital to showing the Commissioners that you truly care about this issue as opposed to simply signing this petition because someone asked you to.

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* 3. May we also ask if you can attend the July 6th Board of Commissioners hearing, beginning 6:00 PM at Dallastown Middle School 700 New School Lane, Dallastown? A large turnout at this hearing is essential to providing our Commissioners with the showing of public support they need to preserve Red Lion Country Club as parkland.

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* 4. Last, but not least, would you be willing to post a Preserve the Red Lion Country Club sign, like that below, in your yard?