A Survey to Quantify Impact of B.O.L.D. Proposal

This survey has been developed as a result of the recent B.O.L.D. proposal to close Withrow, Marine and Oak Park Elementary schools. The proposal impacts the entire school district as it is proposing 7 "right-sized" schools. This means filling schools to capacity and has implications in class size, sharing resources, additional bussing and re-drawing of school boundaries. This may also impact ability to alternate/open enroll at the school of your choice. This is a voluntary survey not being conducted by the Stillwater Area Public Schools. Your participation in this survey by January 15th is critical to provide perspective on the impact this proposal may have on the place of your child or children’s education and the impact to your family overall. The purpose of the survey is to gather data to identify whether or not these school closures would impact the Stillwater District’s capture rate (i.e. the percentage of kids that reside in and would attend school in the District) as well as the alternate places of education Parents would seek for their children. Thank you in advance for answering these 13 questions that should take 10 minutes or less of your time.

* 1. Which elementary school(s) does your child or children attend? Check all that apply.

* 4. Please rank in order with #1 being the most important why you chose Withrow, Marine or Oak Park for your child(ren)? Please rank all that apply.

* 7. If available, what school(s) would you explore as alternate options? Check all that apply.

* 12. If the BOLD proposal passes, how many children do you have Pre-K or younger that you plan to no longer enroll in the Stillwater School District?

* 13. This is a confidential survey. However, if you would like to provide your name, contact information or any additional comments, please feel free to do so. Thank you for your contribution to this important initiative.