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Eighty (80%) percent of all deaths and injuries to women during childbirth are avoidable.  

Ensuring that pregnant women have access to care is paramount. Daily blood pressure monitoring beginning in 3rd trimester and continuing for 90days postpartum, remote care (telehealth), and education are keys to a safe pregnancy.
Reach is seeking the support and collaboration of retail pharmacies, biometric device manufacturers, US Congress, US state and local governments, Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and all other interested parties.

If you agree, please  pledge your support by signing this letter. 

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Every day globally nearly 900 women die during childbirth. The United States has the highest rates of maternal mortality among all western countries and the number of deaths is increasing. Low income, rural, African American, and Native American women are the highest at-risk populations.

Black American women are six (6) times more likely to die during childbirth than White American women.

Eighty percent (80%) of maternal deaths are avoidable. Proper clinical training, clinical empathy, patient and provider access to vital data, daily monitoring, patient education, and early interventions are essential. High BP is a common indicator of pre-eclampsia.

Reach’s goal is for every pregnant woman in 3rd trimester to have a blood pressure (BP) monitor and monitor their BP daily for a minimum of 180 days (90days pre and 90days post-partum). 

Many women are not getting the prenatal care they need. Additionally, the care that expectant mothers are receiving is not sufficient in detecting high blood pressure, a silent killer. This risk increases during postpartum. Post-delivery the focus shifts from the mother to the infant. In the midst of the pandemic, there are many who are not vaccinated, putting both mother and child at risk. This is a public health emergency. It is time to put an end to avoidable maternal deaths.  

Reach is calling on all industry leaders to protect and support expectant and new mothers in all COVID-19 responses, and commit to building a stronger maternal health care system for the future by acting on the following:


Provide discounts, rebates and subsidies to expectant and new mothers to ensure that they have access to BP monitors


Provide clinician reimbursement for perinatal telehealth visits and remote patient monitoring


Extend the current regulations to require daily monitoring of blood pressure for 90 days postpartum for all Medicaid recipients


Provide community health education to properly educate both expecting and new mothers and father about the signs and symptoms and what to do


Provide clinician education to properly train obstetricians on the use of digital health technologies including telehealth and remote patient monitoring


Provide patient education to produce clinical education tool kits, including infographics and clinical assessment questions; patient pamphlets, and digital multimedia content for expectant mothers; and outreach materials for community health workers, midwives and doulas

Support the safety of mothers, their families and our economy. Reach requests all government and industry leaders to integrate the above call to action into COVID-19 responses and beyond.  


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