Save Ashburton's Garden Green Waste Collection

As always happens when Labour is in power nationally or locally, it has run out of money. As a result Croydon’s Labour council is considering either scrapping the Green Garden Waste service or replacing it with a paid-for service only available to households who pay an extra fee on top of their council tax. The Green Waste collection, introduced borough-wide by the council when under Conservative control, is one of the council’s most popular services with residents. What is particularly irritating is that our Labour council can always find the money for its pet vanity projects - like the so-called ‘Ambition Festival’ this summer or it’s Fairness Commission - but it can’t find the money for a service which people actually use.

Steve O’Connell, the Greater London Assembly Member for Croydon and Sutton has launched a petition to try to persuade our Labour council to change its mind and keep this valued service.

To help us try to persuade the Labour council to stop this cut, please sign Steve's petition below. It would also be helpful if you would answer a few short questions about how you use the service.

We, the undersigned, call upon Ashburton’s three Labour Councillors, Maddie Henson, Steven Mann and Andrew Rendell to stand up for their residents and vote to keep our Green Garden Waste service free to all residents.

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* 4. Do you currently use the Garden green Waste Collection?

* 5. The collection is fortnightly throughout the summer and autumn. What proportion of weeks when you could put garden waste out do you think you do?

* 6. The Labour council is considering offering the service only to households willing to pay an extra fee on top of their council tax. Would you be prepared to pay extra for this?

* 7. What will you do with your garden waste if the service is withdrawn or made unaffordable?

* 8. Are there any other comments you want us to pass on to the council about this plan?

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