This form allows customers of Lockyer Valley Regional Council to register for emailed notices (e-Notices) for Rate Notices and Animal Registration Renewal Notices rather than having these notices posted. 

By registering for e-Notices, customers will avoid the $2.00 fee per Rate Notice and/or Animal Registration Renewal Notice which commences 1 July 2023. The $2.00 fee does not apply to approved pensioners registered with Council. 

The $2.00 fee for posted notices is a cost-recovery process for the printing and postage involved in sending Rate and Animal Registration Renewal Notices. By registering for e-Notices before 1 July 2023, customers can avoid the fees. There are no fees associated with receiving e-Notices.

The use of e-Notices will allow Council to reduce administrative costs and direct those funds to more meaningful community services.

You do not need to register for e-Notices if you have already registered by another method. 
Privacy and Information Management

Information collected via this form may be stored in SurveyMonkey databases in the USA and in Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s records management systems in Australia. Information held by Council will be managed in accordance with Council’s Confidentiality Policy and Information Privacy Policy and under the Australian Privacy Principles. Information held by SurveyMonkey’s USA databases is subject to strict privacy and security practices as detailed on their website, which allows for the Federal Government of the USA to access the information. If you have any concerns with the privacy or management of your information, please discuss with Council prior to entering personal information into this survey. By proceeding beyond this point you accept this Privacy and Information Management arrangement.

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