A quick survey for Chatham County, Georgia residents.
The Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge's name is in constant debate among Savannah residents.
What do you think? 

* 1. Do you live in Chatham County, Georgia?

* 2. What is your zip code?

* 3. How often do you see or cross the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge? Include seeing logos using the bridge, online or on television.

* 4. The bridge is named after Eugene Talmadge. Do you know who he was?

* 5. Do you think the name of the bridge is important for the city and community?

* 6. In 2013, Chatham County officials agreed to initiate the political effort to remove Talmadge’s name from the span, but Chatham County legislators missed the deadline for submitting a bill with a recommendation for a new name.
Did you know this before the survey?

* 7. Do you feel the City of Savannah, Chatham County and the State of Georgia should revisit a name change for the bridge?

* 8. If you answered Yes to Question 7, pick your 3 favorite bridge names from these choices:

Tomochichi Bridge
Conrad Aiken Commemorative Bridge
Johnny Mercer Memorial Bridge
Tomochichi - Oglethorpe Bridge
Yamacraw Bridge
Ralph Mark Gilbert Bridge
Right Whale Bridge
Juliette Gordon Low Bridge
Leonard Matlovich Memorial Bridge
The Savannah Bridge
or keep it: Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge