Managing stormwater protects the health and safety of our community. The City consistently invests in its stormwater management program – including our catch basins, sewers, ditches, and other infrastructure. However, our infrastructure is aging and will need to be renewed on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs in the future.

In addition to the current stormwater management program, Council adopted the Stormwater Management Master Plan and Guidelines (the Master Plan) in 2015. The Master Plan recommends strategies to address stormwater quality and quantity concerns into the future, and recommends that options be considered to fund these strategies.

The Stormwater Financing Study is underway to investigate a sustainable and fair funding source, such as a user fee, to support both the City’s current stormwater management program and the implementation of the recommended Master Plan strategies.

We Want to Hear from You
The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, March 23.
Before you complete the comment form below, please review the information panels by clicking here. For more information about the study, visit:

* 1. After reviewing the information on the study website, what do you believe is the most important stormwater management issue(s) facing Sault Ste. Marie

2. What is your opinion of the following statements:

* a. Stormwater management should be a priority for the City (i.e., when considering all City responsibilities).

* b. The Stormwater Financing Study recommendations must be publicly supported.

* c. Stormwater funding should be stable, sustainable, and dedicated to addressing stormwater needs.

* d. Costs and benefits must be equitably distributed across the community (i.e. everyone pays their fair share).

* e. Costs and benefits must be equally distributed across the community (i.e., everyone contributes the same).

* f. The City must maintain appropriate reserve funding levels for unforeseen events.

* g. Policies for credits, incentives, adjustments and appeals are important for any stormwater funding system.

* 3. Do you feel the City is currently providing an adequate level of service for their stormwater program and activities that meet your expectations?

* 4. If you answered “No” above, would you be willing to pay more to meet these needs/ expectations?

* 5. If a new funding mechanism is recommended, how should stormwater management costs be allocated? (Please check your top choice)

* 6. Would you be willing to take steps on your own property to reduce the impacts of heavy rainfall events? Some examples might be disconnecting your downspouts, creating a rain garden, or using permeable pavers.

* 7. Do you have additional ideas, questions or concerns that you would like to leave with the study team?

* 8. Would you like to be added to the project email distribution list? If so, please provide your name and email below.

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