We are in process of developing a strategic plan for Saugeen First Nation for 2022-2026 and want to hear what you have to say. The following draft priorities and activities were developed based on initial feedback gained from a community meeting and two staff strategic planning workshops. The purpose of this survey is to receive as much community input as possible into the development of the priorities and activities for our strategic plan. Please read through the questions and provide your feedback. 

This survey should only be completed by Saugeen First Nation members.

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* 1. Are you a registered member of Saugeen First Nation #29

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* 2. Please indicate what age group you fall within:

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Please place a check mark beside the vision statement that you feel better represents SFN:

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Please place a check mark beside the mission statement that you feel better represents SFN:

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Please place a check mark besides the core values you believe represent SFN (you can check as many as you want):


The following questions include a list of the draft priorities and activities identified through the previous strategic planning sessions held with Council, employees and SFN members. Please read through carefully and add your comments either directly in the priority/activity section or in the comments at the end of each section.

*Note, the numbering of priorities identified does not indicate priority.

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* 6. Priority 1           Health & Wellness


All Saugeen members are healthy and active and have access to holistic healing and wellness services, inclusive of western approaches, that empower them to achieve their personal wellness goals.


1.     Complete an environmental scan of existing health programs and services within Saugeen and the
        surrounding area.

2.     Conduct a needs assessment / survey of SFN members, leadership, program staff and health
        committee to identify health needs.

3.     Develop a plan to create or enhance programs/services based on the needs assessment to support
        an integrated delivery of traditional holistic healing & wellness programs and services, inclusive of
        western approaches, including the plan to:
        a.  Enhance capacity and resources;
        b.  Hire more staff;
        c.  Enhance facilities & building, including space to support program and service delivery;
        d.  Acquire equipment and materials;
        e.  Create and support partnerships, collaborative working relationships and networking among
             internal and external departments;

4.     Facilitate planning, policy and development of programs and services. Develop a health model.

5.     Develop a health strategic plan.

6.     Maximize access to external funding.

7.     Support new technologies, approaches, research & evaluation, education and development for
        ongoing best practice and delivery. Support education and development, training, mentoring to
        enhance knowledge transfer and skill development for services.

8.     Ongoing review of programs/services.


Do you agree with the Health & Wellness priority and activities?

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* 7. Priority 2          Education


Saugeen First Nation’s education system is culturally relevant, community based, encourages strong graduation rates, post-secondary enrollment and a skilled labour force and develops role models within the community to encourage and inspire our youth.


1.     Conduct a review of all Education Department policies and procedures.

2.     Create / update policies and procedures as identified.

3.     Strengthen relationships with schools.

4.     Enhance programs/services offered in schools:   
        a.  Counsellors                                                                                  
        b.  Language & culture (more native language teachers)
        c.  Others to be identified

5.     Enhance educational awareness to inform students of options (school fairs, programs, trades, etc).

6.     Create a list of knowledge keepers to be shared with culture camps, schools, employment and
        training, etc.

7.     Conduct a community survey to identify areas of interest/needs assessment (upgrading
        requirements, etc) regarding skilled trades.

8.     Identify skilled trades programs that meets identified community needs.

9.     Identify additional sources of funding to support students in the skilled trades (eg. bursaries).

10.   Identify training program for entrepreneurs.

11.    Begin initial steps to work towards getting a school on reserve:                             
        a.  Feasibility study                                                                   
        b.  Community consultation                                           
        c.  Discussions with other schools                                                     
        d.  Identify potential location - land survey, environmental assessment, etc.

Do you agree with the Education priority and activities?

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* 8. Priority 3          Jurisdiction / Land / Community Safety


Develop a plan based on community input in all areas where we want to move away from the Indian Act.


1.     Traditional Governance System
        a.  Recognition of Clan System
        b.  Development of a Knowledge Keepers policy

2.     Development of a Land Use Plan that includes a cultural assessment of land (cultural map that
        identifies areas of cultural significance such as medicine, burial sites, revitalization of
        ancestral spaces)

3.     Potential implementation of a Land Management Act based on results of referendum
        a.  Community consultation
        b.  Development of law
        c.  Acquisition of additional land
        d.  Identify sources of funding

4.     Policing – establish our own policing
        a.  Review of existing policies, by laws and codes to identify which ones need to be revised or what
             new ones are needed
        b.  Community consultation/needs assessment
        c.  Develop plan to implement (Jurisdiction, hiring of officers, funding, etc).

5.     Establish our own court system
        a.  Research available funding, other court systems, etc.
        b.  Review of current situation (transportation, court support, research space, etc.)
        c.  Development of diversion programs
        d.  Restorative Justice training

Do you agree with the Jurisdiction / Land / Community Safety priority and activities?

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* 9. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Priority 4          Infrastructure & Housing


The development of a plan and timeline for infrastructure development based on community needs that is not impacted by change in leadership.


1.     Community consultation
        a.  Determine future infrastructure development needs;
        b.  Cross community collaboration;
        c.  To determine priorities.

2.     Development of a procedure for all projects including funding, environmental, cultural to be able to
        implement all actions.

3.     Housing
        a.  Complete the Housing Strategic Plan
        b.  Begin implementation work on the Housing Strategic Plan

Do you agree with the Infrastructure priority and activities?

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* 10. Priority 5          Language and Culture


Pride and empowerment through knowledge of culture (identity, history, language, spirituality).


1.     Implement cultural safety and cultural sensitivity for all staff and outside organizations that work
        with members.
        a.  Add to employee orientation (training), existing staff reviews, new staff orientation.

2.     Cultural inclusion in all community developments and projects. Advisement and guidance with
        knowledge keepers and elders.

3.     Review and include language / culture in all program mandates and scopes of work, including

4.     Establish a working group (volunteers) to identify priorities, timeframe, budget, grants. Community
        consultation for ratification. Include in community plan.

5.     Review existing cultural plan from 2010 and develop an updated cultural plan.

6.     Implement actions to work towards full immersion in the community (eg. introduce language in
        Managers meetings, etc).

7.     Assess feasibility for the construction of a cultural school.

8.     Environmental – introduce more practices of looking after Mother Earth – recycling, blue bins,
        green bin composts, reduction of garbage. Increase education around this.

9.     Ban products (eg. single use products). Learn from the old ways when holding community
        feasts/programs, etc.

Do you agree with the Language and Culture priority and activities?

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* 11. Priority 6          Leadership (Council & Managers)


Saugeen First Nation has a strong, united leadership who are committed, qualified and have knowledge of our history. There is open communication between staff and community. Leaders are respectable who Mino Bimaadsawin (live the good life).


1.     Develop and implement a Council Orientation Program:
        a.  SFN history;
        b.  All band programs / services;
        c.  Conduct expectations, review of Leadership Code (once developed);
        d.  Other to be identified.

2.     Start having bi-annual meetings between Council and Program Managers.

3.     All committees to hold monthly committee meetings (or more if implementing a strategic plan).

4.     Quarterly community meetings with Council to be recorded and posted on the members only

5.     Council to provide monthly updates.

6.     Implementation of Election Code (eg. regarding qualifications – CPIC).

7.     Develop a Governance Law (including duties of Council and ensuring those duties are met).

8.     All Council and managing staff to know and follow all policies.
        a.  Policy training, review of responsibilities, etc.

9.     Implementation of strategic plan by all.

10.    Orientation for new staff by supervisor (development of a Management Guide Booklet).

11.     Acknowledgement of staff who excel (and repercussions for those who don’t).

12.    Development of Terms of Reference for all committees.

 Do you agree with the Leadership priority and activities?

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* 12. Do you feel we need to go through the process of developing a Comprehensive Community Plan (20 year plan) for SFN?

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* 13. Are there any other plans that you feel we need to develop:

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* 14. Any final thoughts or comments:

Thank you for providing your input!
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