Context and Summary

Thank you for taking time  recently to connect regarding the 360 Project for Charles. As discussed, as a part of this project we are also exploring the effectiveness and cohesion of the SauceLabs Executive Team.

Team effectiveness grows over time, and even as a newly formed team, and can be accelerated through focussed and aligned effort.

This survey is a lite-touch exploration of the key aspects of team cohesion. 

The data will be consolidated and used for exploration with the team in November. The survey should take you 5-10mins to compete. 

Feel free to reach out to me (Cherie Gardiner +415 215 5439 or if you have any questions regarding the tool or the process.
Note: The questions in the survey are based on known aspects of highly cohesive teams based on 'Five Dysfunctions of a Team' and indicate levels of trust, ability to deal with conflict, alignment, mutual accountability and drive for results, as researched by Patrick Leoncini.