Sark Visitor Survey

Sark Tourism wishes to find out more about our visitors and what they in turn think about Sark.  We would like to ensure you have the best possible experience whilst here and so we would be grateful if you would take time to complete our visitor survey.

* 1. Have you visited Sark in the last 3 years?  If you have not, please do not complete the rest of this survey, thank you.

* 2. Which age group are you?

* 3. Where have you travelled from?

* 4. How long did you stay on Sark?

* 5. Who did you travel with?

* 6. Reason for visiting Sark

* 7. How did you discover Sark?

* 8. What time of year did you visit?

* 9. Please state in order of priority the things you like to do on Sark, starting with most enjoyable to least.  1 being the most enjoyable and 7 being the least.

* 10. How likely are you to return to Sark?

* 11. How safe do you feel on Sark?

* 12. Was your visit to Sark good value for money?

* 13. How can we improve your visit to Sark?