* 1. I found the information / support / help I was seeking.

* 2. The information / support I found was valuable / useful / appropriate.

* 3. Based on my experience with the chatroom, I feel better informed to make decisions about my healthcare.

* 4. Based on the information I received using the chatroom, it motivated me to seek a second opinion and / or change my treatment.

* 5. I feel more connected to others and less isolated after using this program.

* 6. Did you utilized this service regularly? How often?

* 7. Do you have any comments or suggestions for improvements?

* 8. Did you have any problems accessing the chatroom?

* 10. Would you be interested in accessing the chat on a mobile device? If so what kind?

* 11. What other organizations have you visited with similar programs? How do we compare?

* 12. Are you patient, family member, friend, caregiver? You may check all that apply.

* 13. What type of sarcoma dose the patient have?

* 14. Where in the body did the sarcoma first occur?

* 15. What sex is the patient?

* 16. What is the age of the patient?

* 17. Is the person with sarcoma:

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